Measurement of the “Gravitational Redshift” in the Orbit of the Star S2 around the Supermassive Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way with GRAVITY eso1825 — Science Release – July 26, 2018 Obscured by thick clouds of absorbing dust, the closest supermassive black hole to the Earth lies 26 000 light-years away at the […]

The European Research Council has published a video about the BlackHoleCam project featuring the three Principal Investigators: Heino Falcke, Michael Kramer and Luciano Rezzolla. In case of any questions, please contact Katharina Königstein, Radboud University.

ALMA Observatory Facebook Live – Apr 19, 2018 Dr. Ciriaco Goddi, BlackHoleCam Project Scientist from Radboud University, is at the ALMA observatory  for the 2018 observing campaign of the Event Horizon Telescope. In this video, he explains what VLBI is, the interferometric technique to make very high-angular resolution images of radio cosmic sources, and which […]

One of the most fundamental predictions of Einstein’s theory of relativity is the existence of black holes. In spite of the recent detection of gravitational waves from binary black holes by LIGO, direct evidence using electromagnetic waves remains elusive and astronomers are searching for it with radio telescopes. Astrophysicists at Goethe University Frankfurt, and collaborators […]

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has selected twelve new PhD students to be the national Faces of Science. One of them is Jordy Davelaar – an aspiring postgraduate within the BlackHoleCam project at the Radboud University Nijmegen. During the time of his PhD, Jordy will share what it is like to […]

English Version below   El profesor y director del Instituto Max Planck de Radioastronomía ofreció la conferencia “Explorar el universo de Einstein: Sobre agujeros negros, estrellas de neutrones y ondas gravitacionales” invitado por la Fundación BBVA. Fundación BBVA – Mar 21, 2018 El año en que la física despide a Stephen Hawking, uno de los principales expertos […]

Heino Falcke and Remo Tilanus flew to France in February to meet with Director Karl Schuster and scientific and operational staff members of IRAM. In addition to collaboration and technical discussions a visit to NOEMA was also part of the agenda. Headquartered in Grenoble, IRAM is an international research institute for radio astronomy that operates […]

Years after the theoretical physicist upended our understanding of black holes, scientists are close to photographing one for the first time. TheAtlantic – Mar 14, 2018 By Marina Koren For a few nights in April last year, astronomers linked up eight radio telescopes in the United States, Chile, Spain, Mexico, and Antarctica for a little photo […]

Astronomers find evidence of enormous black hole one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun in a gas cloud near the galaxy’s centre. theguardian – September 4, 2017 By Ian Sample An enormous black hole one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun has been found hiding in a toxic gas cloud wafting […]

ALMA Observatory Facebook Live – Apr 6, 2017 Dr. Ciriaco Goddi, BlackHoleCam Project Scientist from Radboud University and member of the Event Horizon Telescope team, explains what a black hole is. Along with the ALMA VLBI friend Violette Impellizzeri and the ALMA Phasing Project (APP) lead scientist Geoff Crew, the trio explains the purpose of observations […]