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At the ALMA observatory in the Chilean Atacama desert to capture first image of a black hole

ALMA Observatory Facebook Live – Apr 19, 2018 Dr. Ciriaco Goddi, BlackHoleCam Project Scientist from Radboud University, is at the ALMA observatory  for the 2018 observing campaign of the Event Horizon Telescope. In this video, he explains what VLBI is, the interferometric technique to make very high-angular resolution images of radio cosmic sources, and which […]

Seeing a Black Hole Through Stephen Hawking’s Eyes

Years after the theoretical physicist upended our understanding of black holes, scientists are close to photographing one for the first time. TheAtlantic – Mar 14, 2018 By Marina Koren For a few nights in April last year, astronomers linked up eight radio telescopes in the United States, Chile, Spain, Mexico, and Antarctica for a little photo […]